My elegant business cards – Free!

I haven’t updated this blog for a while, so my excuses.

Have been busy with organizing my business card collection but now that I have the time, I feel the urging need to share some news with you.

After going through a lot of online business card sites, I tried to find one that allows me to create my own business cards for free and where I only have to pay for shipping and handling. This is no easy feat, mind you.

My choice for free business cards was a site called – 250 (read: two-hundred-fifty) business cards without paying a penny and the ability to choose from countless templates made it an easy decision.

If you are in the process of creating some tasty business cards for you, you might want to give that site a try.

Will write some more on the business card collection in later blog posts.

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Start Your Own Business Card Collection


Keeping in mind the importance of business cards in any enterprise, here are few simple steps to make your own business cards using Microsoft Word:

For this open a new word document and go to tool bar to choose “labels” after selecting which a small box pops up. When this happens select “options” and confirm name selected in the “product type” as “Avery Standard”. Select “Business Card” in the “Product number” menu and then press OK. Now select a new document and you will see a label template with correct margins for a business card design appearing.

Now, from the insert menu select picture and browse for a photo of yourself or your logo as per your preference. It is always better to put a Photo or logo on the card, as this will make you business card stand out. And in this world of competition isn’t this what every enterprise wants to do?

Now, let us work to make the photo better so that it fits your personal business card perfectly and it serves its purpose without taking up too much space.

Once the photo on your card is taken care of, it’s time for you to choose your font. Next type in your name and business address on the card and add important details about you such as your e-mail address, fax number- if you have one- and your landline or personal cell phone number. Copy and paste your design into all the templates on the page. Now your card is almost ready for printing. But before you print anything, always remember to preview the document to make any changes and avoid wasting paper and ink.

If you like the business card design that you have created, you may save your design. It is however preferable to save after every step of creating the card so that no step is lost.

It is now time to print your cards. Add your business cards into your printer and hit print. If you’re printer is not good enough it is advisable to go to a printing store. Most printing stores cut a good deal and so it’ll be easy on your pocket.

Congratulations! You are now business ready! Go and hand out your business cards to potential clients with pride.


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